Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Has Been Forever...

... since I have posted anything on this blog! Here are a few highlights...

Summer fun -playing in mud and water. It just doesn't get any better!
Haley's friends from her Sunday School class had a cookout and overnight. Such a fun and sweet group!

Off to Colorado for a vacation. We spent some time with G&G L.

Horse back riding in Colorado. This horse's name was Hope!

Rafting with some great friends - the Monroes! Always fun to be with them!

Rafting the Arkansas River - a highlight for sure!

We had to leave the Colorado camp a little early and missed the famous and much loved "pancake toss." This is where they actually toss the pancake and you have to catch it on your plate Then there is a table of calorie-laden toppings to put on your "catch!" Andy was so nice to make it up to the kids by doing one at home!
Getting ready to catch their pancake....

The kids doctored them up just the way they liked them.
They looked a little disgusting to me :-)

Off to school for Caleb in late August. His first year of "official" school - kindergarten! Hope misses her bro!

Haley going into 4th grade.

Travor going into 5th grade. Could not get him to smile. He really does like school!

An unsuccessful attempt at this (sigh!)

Happy 11th Birthday Travor!

Harrison and Trav had a b-day party together. They do not remember also celebrating their baby showers together eleven years ago :-) but Kara and I do! Time flies!!!