Friday, March 5, 2010

A Perspective of Women from Grade School Boys...

Travor had some of his friends over from school this afternoon. I listened in to their conversation at lunch and thought it was too cute!
One of the boys: "(name of a girl at school) likes me."
Another boy: "That is the problem with girls, why do they have to like us!? Why didn't God just make boys?"
A more compassionate boy: "Well, God did make them from part of the man"
Boy: "Too bad they came from us! I wonder why God did not just go 'poof' and make them instead of from us."
Another boy: "Have you ever noticed that all the names of girls come from a man's name? Like
'woman,' man is on the end and 'female,' male is on the end?"
That is when I interjected and said, "Do you know what man said when he saw the woman after God had created her?"
Boys: all ears
Jill: "WOO! MAN! WOO! MAN! WOO! MAN! Get it? Woman. That is how women got their name. He thought she was beautiful!"
Boys: {bitterly disappointed at the thought} said"oh brother." and "awkward!

I will *gladly* remind these boys of this conversation when they are 16! I would guess the perspective will be a bit different ;-)