Wednesday, April 7, 2010


No particular reason for this pic, just thought it was cute.

Caleb's "Gotcha Day"was in March so Andy & I, the kids and my parents celebrated by going to a Korean restaurant in Champaign. It was really good! Caleb LOVED it. I am not sure he really liked all the food but it seemed really important for him to try it. Here he is holding up kimchee which is pickled cabbage. He ate it and said he liked it but the look on his face said something different :-)

These two are always up to something!

Travor's feelings about Korean food. Not a fan. He is your pizza, taco, basic kind of guy.

Hope liked the food.

Since Travor had built the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) for his Valentine's project, we thought it would be fitting to go up to Chicago and visit it over Spring Break since the kids have never been there.

Riding the Metra in from the burbs.

Hope looking over Chicago from the Willis Tower.

Standing 108 stories over the city of Chicago in the "ledge" which is a glass enclosed overhang on the side of the Willis Tower. Kind of a weird feeling when walking on it.