Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The No Whine Watch

We have a whiner at our house.

We will protect the guilty and not name names.

We have been working on the behavior

I had heard a broadcast on Family Life a while back about a "No Whine Watch" and we feel that we are at the point of needing some extra help, so off to Family Life's website I went to order this new gadget...

I had to laugh when I saw it...bright yellow with the "No Whine" logo engraved on it. I wondered for a moment if making the child wear this would be more scarring than being known as a whiner?? I think we will limit the wearing of this watch to home.

But order it, I did.

...along with the parenting manual about helping whiny children (surely, it is not our parenting??).

Truth be told, some days I should have this loud, yellow watch on my wrist as a reminder to stop my whining...

I suppose I will learn a thing or two as I teach this child about whining. Parenting is so good for me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Times!

My Ladies Bible Study Group has had a lot of fun lately!

We had our annual overnight with just the girls. We have some good men to let us get out for a girl's night without kids!

Rebekah had this unique game called "What's a Dame To Do?" It was very fun.

Rebekah & Megan

Jess & Marie

On Valentines night Matt & Rebekah hosted a dinner, this time with our hubbies! Rebekah set a beautiful table and she had an amazing meal!! She is quite talented!

We have not had a picture taken of all of us for about 6 years. Everyone was there except Marla :-(

Rebekah had set the table with old pictures of each couple before kids.
Andy & I got voted "most improved." My hair was Texas bufont style and the guys thought Andy looked like he belonged in a "boy band." I hope we have acutally improved :-) I think we have been married the longest (11 years) so that is my excuse for the lack of style!

Clint & Jami getting cozy!

Life is more sweet when shared with friends!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Lately Hope has been dancing to any music. It is so cute. Even in church to acapella hymns, she tries to find the beat to move a bit...Here is a short clip, sorry for my pathetic singing.