Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

This past Sunday we had a surprise birthday party for my dad's 60th birthday! It was so fun!

Haley on "look out" for Grandpa and Grandma's van.


Tables full of friends and family.

The kiddos got the hot seats on the front porch :-) They did not seem to mind.

Miso from Korea and Evelyn from Germany were visiting my aunt again. It was fun to have them there. Our kids love them!

My two aunts in the kitchen, making everything run smoothly.

Precious friends. Kevin and Dix and Denny and Bonnie.

Andy and the two Daves :-)

Bill and Patsy.

Cute picture of Dave and Brenda that Caleb actually took.
It was fun to be with my parents friends. What precious friendships through many years! I know several of dad and mom's friends prayed for me at different times in my life and my parents prayed for their kids too. I feel like the bond goes on now into Andy and my friendship's with many of their children and then with our kids ( their grand kids). What a rich blessing!
Thank you Jesus. You are the bond of these relationships!

A skit by the Thomas clan ~ always a good time.

Dean the "nursing home director."

Ray and Marcia played by Adam and Lexi as they admit "Ray" to the nursing home!

Happy Birthday dad! I am thankful for 60 years of your life and 33 years in my life with you. I love you and mom and am very blessed to have you as my parents!