Friday, March 13, 2009

Latest Happenings...

A little bit of Hope cuteness...

Hugging her daddy's leg. She gets so EXCITED when he walks through the door. Hope is just starting to walk too!
Cheese! I love pictures of babies. They are just their cute selves without even trying.

Andy and I had a quick get-away to Florida for a few days. Very relaxing and refreshing. Thanks to some generous friends for the use of their beautiful condo and a big THANK YOU to my parents and A. Elaine for helping with babysitting! This is the ONLY picture I have of the trip - pathetic! I only took a few more but I accidentally deleted them (brother!). How do you like the complete stranger in the background??

When we got home, the kids had decorated our garage door for my birthday the next day. Very sweet!

My mom helped the kids make a birthday cake too. Notice - Caleb did not want to take a picture - real family life at it's best :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Upwards basketball

Travor played Upwards basketball this year.  It was great!  We were so impressed with the Upwards basketball program.  The program is held at a local church. Their goal is to have the kids learn basketball but more importantly, to learn to glorify God and to play with character.  

At each practice, the boys would learn a verse for the week and a devotion was given.  At the games, the players, fans and coaches are instructed to be encouraging and edifying to all the players and a half-time devotion is presented to all who came to watch the game. 

 One neat story from the season:  Trav's team had won a game and his team was meeting together to get their character & achievement stars when one of the boys said to his team mate, "did  you see how many points we beat the other team by?"  

The coach quickly and kindly responded, "boys, there will be no boasting."

Thanks to the encouragement of some great friends (you know who you are :-) ), we are really thankful to have been a part of this wonderful program!

Faithful fans!  Thanks dad for coming many Saturdays to watch Trav play!!  Andy was there many times too.  The week I actually remembered to take pics, he was on business and my mom works on Saturdays or she would have been there too.

Sorry these pics are not great quality, I did not have my camera, only my phone.  Here is Trav and his team getting some instructions from their coaches.  
Setting up for a free-throw.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This...

A friend sent me this a long time ago. She has 5 kids. This is not her child or mine for that matter, nor has she or I ever done such a deed and if you look real close, you can tell this picture is staged - so no worries, no one actually did this to their child

...But some days, could feel like it for a split second ;-)

Just in case you are having one of those days...