Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caleb's Center Time

Caleb's Kindergarten teacher sent out an email to us this morning with these pictures that Caleb had drawn. Precious encouragement!

Andy and Jill,
I just wanted to share this neat story with you... Caleb was "writing the room" at centers the other day and looked up at me and said "I am going to write a Bible verse." I told him I couldn't wait to see which one he chose. I am attaching the pictures of what he wrote!


Mindy said...

Oh my word - SO cute!!! I love that everything is spelled like it sounds, just precious!!

Tami said...

that's so sweet and very impressive that he could right that out!!! i love that little man.

Ashley Baner said...

That is so great!!! Elle loves to read and write the room. I especially love the "bleph" on him part! I love how kids sound out and write words at this age. Elle just wrote a note to Alison Soodr (Sutter) :) I will be keeping that one.

jessica leman said...

wow, that is very special! And so neat that his teacher took pics to send to you too.